Feed Your Soul….

Empower yourself, a strong mind is what will get you through anything, but a combination of a strong mind and body is something amazing that many may ever achieve.

Your life should be your main interest, your job is just your job, it should not define you. Neither should your past, learn from your mistakes. Nor the future, nobody knows about tomorrow, we can plan but we can’t be rest assured.

You have the right to be a different person in the next minute, five or after several days. We are human, we are meant to evolve. It’s a process!

Your health is more important than your bank balance.  So if you decide to start workout or make any change in your life and for example say from this Monday I will start to workout or quit smoking, well and good because the Fresh Start Effect greatly works on Mondays even according to this article  ; https://curiosity.com/topics/the-fresh-start-effect-says-you-should-make-that-change-on-monday-curiosity/   .If you are the curious type about anything, any topic from art, animals IQ, Culture to history, from Language to Psychology, from Amazing places on the Planet to the future of driving head on to; https://curiosity.com/

Are you comfortable in all yourself, doesn’t matter your skin colour, you are fat or skinny. In all your glory, are you comfortable with yourself?

Designer clothes, shoes and jewellery make us feel good but we were born naked and that’s who we really are! When you stand naked in front of the mirror naked with no make up that is who you really are.

If you aren’t happy with what you see try working out and to eat right. Only you can take that first step. It’s okay when you don’t see immediate changes. It actually take time and consistency to see any change. You’ll have to the same thing repeatedly for quite some time.

All you have to is keep faith my friend, with time you’ll feel comfortable with how you look. It all starts with mastering of yourself, meaning physically, mentally and even emotionally.

Keep yourself focused on the path of the journey.

That’s the big difference in between achieving a better positive perception of yourself, getting fitter, stronger, healthier and succeeding and those who don’t.

You haven’t started working out, eating right start today, or on Monday!

Love yourself and love others freely!



Every Morning be like a morning dew, fresh and crispy, count your blessings


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