The Gratitude Attitude


  • Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places, where other people see nothing – Camille Pissaro. This quote here sums it all. Happy people focus on what they have and unhappy people focus on what’s missing. We make a huge mistake of overlooking the little things that we have. If you have a roof on your head, food to eat, running water and a job to go to, consider yourself rich.
  • Be happy for no reason, like a child. If you happy for a reason, you’re in trouble, because that reason can be taken away from you – Deepak Chopra. Do not attach your happiness to things (materialistic), the moment they breakdown or of no longer use, your happiness goes with them. Neither do attach it to people, may it be a friend, a colleague the moment the friendship ends you will be disappointed. Keep in mind things, people change don’t let your happiness depend on them!
  • The Three Enemies Of Personal Peace are firstly – Regret over yesterday’s mistakes – Yesterday is gone it will never come back. Whatever mistake that you did, take the lessons from it! What did you learn? That you won’t repeat again. Do not dwell on what could have been. Only way to move forward is to take the lessons and build on them! Secondly – Anxiety over tomorrow’s problems – Our minds are used to creating problems that are non-existential. Every thought will tell you about the problems that tomorrow will bring, tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Align yourself to this moment and savour it. Nobody knows if we are going to see tomorrow or what tomorrow will bring! Thirdly – An ingratitude of today’s blessings – Have you thought of how lucky you are to be alive today? How many people didn’t wake up to see the sunrise today? How many are lying in beds not able to move? In comas? How many have gone to bed without a single meal? Look around and count the blessings that you have!
  • I challenge you to write down three things that you are grateful for today, write them down in paper. Don’t take the little things for granted. Could be a good morning text from a friend ( they thought about you). The air you breath, the moment you catch a beautiful sunset, a short moment with a friend. Never go to sleep angry with anyone.
  • Stop complaining on things that you have no control over. Try it for a day and see how you feel. Unless you see something needs to change then take proper action than mere complaining.
  • Exercise, sweat all those unwanted toxins out and drink plenty of water. Eat healthy and your body and mind will thank you.
  • Remember joy is the simplest form of gratitude. Joy is ingrained within you do not go searching for it anywhere else.

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