The Silent Space


I have the impression that many of us are afraid of silence. We’re always taking in something – a text, music, radio, television, or thoughts – to occupy the space. If quiet and space are so important for our happiness, why don’t we make more room for the?’ – Thich Nhat Hahn

That silent space is our very own being, our own consciousness, the ground of our own existence. When we can be in this space without trying to escape it, or fill it with our past knowledge and experiences, we come to understand our true Self as this ever-present awareness that lies beyond the mind.

When we realize this, we get to understand that this awareness lies at the root of all existence not only our own. And from this understanding of our shared existence, compassion is born. We see ourselves in others, and respect and care for our Self in them.

How can there be violence, hatred, greed, lying, manipulation e.t.c. when we realize that we are all beings and one? Do not run away from that your true Self, from that silent space, that unknown silence in which all of our thoughts, memories, words, beliefs, plans, hopes, fear lose their solidity and just FLOW. And all that remains is the awareness, the Beingness, the present moment ( check out the book The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle) –

This awareness is not dull or lifeless. It is blissful, intelligent and alert – and when you can relax your mind and trust in your Self,  it will allow you to behave naturally without fear of judgement, you will be able to move smoothly with your direct experience and Flow in the river of the ever-changing present moment. Unattached, unaffected, still adaptable, present and mostly important aware.

This is a field of pure potential. It is lying dormant within you and you can tap into it let it stream like a flowing river unobstructed by nothing, as long as you are willing to allow it, surrender your ego to it, and put your trust into it, as you are it, don’t resist and run away from it, you will be only fighting against yourself!

You can listen to Eckhart Tolle on YouTube too –

Have a blessed day! And connect to that silent space…….


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