Feed Your Soul….

Empower yourself, a strong mind is what will get you through anything, but a combination of a strong mind and body is something amazing that many may ever achieve.

Your life should be your main interest, your job is just your job, it should not define you. Neither should your past, learn from your mistakes. Nor the future, nobody knows about tomorrow, we can plan but we can’t be rest assured.

You have the right to be a different person in the next minute, five or after several days. We are human, we are meant to evolve. It’s a process!

Your health is more important than your bank balance.  So if you decide to start workout or make any change in your life and for example say from this Monday I will start to workout or quit smoking, well and good because the Fresh Start Effect greatly works on Mondays even according to this article  ; https://curiosity.com/topics/the-fresh-start-effect-says-you-should-make-that-change-on-monday-curiosity/   .If you are the curious type about anything, any topic from art, animals IQ, Culture to history, from Language to Psychology, from Amazing places on the Planet to the future of driving head on to; https://curiosity.com/

Are you comfortable in all yourself, doesn’t matter your skin colour, you are fat or skinny. In all your glory, are you comfortable with yourself?

Designer clothes, shoes and jewellery make us feel good but we were born naked and that’s who we really are! When you stand naked in front of the mirror naked with no make up that is who you really are.

If you aren’t happy with what you see try working out and to eat right. Only you can take that first step. It’s okay when you don’t see immediate changes. It actually take time and consistency to see any change. You’ll have to the same thing repeatedly for quite some time.

All you have to is keep faith my friend, with time you’ll feel comfortable with how you look. It all starts with mastering of yourself, meaning physically, mentally and even emotionally.

Keep yourself focused on the path of the journey.

That’s the big difference in between achieving a better positive perception of yourself, getting fitter, stronger, healthier and succeeding and those who don’t.

You haven’t started working out, eating right start today, or on Monday!

Love yourself and love others freely!



Every Morning be like a morning dew, fresh and crispy, count your blessings


Positive Perspective Of Life In Poland

So you are new in Poland? Studying or working…..it doesn’t matter, what matters is you are in Poland yes exclusively Poland. I know there are so many of us lately questioning the border lines, the visa process, we need to go through a vigorous process through the systems and especially if you come from a country that has gone through colonialism! Well truth is that’s how things are and the system is, we can’t avoid it. Only thing is we can beat the system! How?

Imagine yourself  in a new place, a country, a town or even an isolated island. You know no one not even a single word of the language, but you made the decision to go this place, be it for studies or work or to join a family member! So you are heading into wild territory literally speaking….! With no ability to communicate, maybe you know a little bit about the country but little to nothing about the language and the cultural norms!

Honestly nobody goes to any new country without even getting to know a little about the country or the language! 

Slavic languages are one of the hardest to learn where Polish falls under, still we have the capability to learn it. Of course in all big cities there are people who speak English, as English is one of “Lingua Africa” languages;  http://www.thehistoryofenglish.com/issues_global.html. Still if you want to live in a country then language comes first, no matter what your status is i.e diplomat, activist, student e.t.c.

Still there’s a question of integration, anyone can have their different definition of it! But one aspect that stands out and mostly is Language, yeah Polish is one of the hardest languages in the world according to; http://claritaslux.com/blog/the-hardest-language-to-learn/.

Being the hardest language should not make us to avoid to learn it, if you cannot afford  to go to a school to learn. An intensive course that will take about 3 months will dig deep into your pockets up to around 500 zł. Of course here we are talking that there is no incentive by the Polish government for Polish language learning. It’s mostly NGO’s which some used to have funds and provide free course. And now most of them has to charge for the courses. And now lots of language schools are taking advantage of huge flow of foreigners to Poland from Spanish students and expats, to even young Canadians, yeah young Canadians and Americans!

If you have the time to take an intensive or a slow course the best that you can get with the best possible price is ; http://fds.org.pl/kursy-polskiego/ .

If by any means you can’t afford to a course because of time restraint due to work related or insufficient finance there is an even a better option all you need is to squeeze a little of your time, could be a half an hour in the morning instead of browsing through Instagram or Facebook. We have to be true to ourselves, we can’t say we want to live in a new place and wouldn’t care of learning the language. Well I will save my rants for the next post, with examples of people who have live here for almost 10 years and never bothered to try to learn the language. 

Here’s one easy way and very integrative way to learn any language in the world…you can use this on the computer or even download it from google play or Apple store ; https://www.duolingo.com/

https://www.duolingo.com/ has even been recommended by Tim Ferris here’s the link . He learned over nine languages by himself…http://tim.blog/2014/07/16/how-to-learn-any-language-in-record-time-and-never-forget-it/

Anything is possible! Catch on the next post to learn about life in Poland.

Also I will be writing on my early life and my life in Poland. And many of the good experiences I’ve had in this country. Cheers! Continue reading